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Features Of Technology


The Power Of Ruling

Technology has given us the power of ruling the world.
The world has came closer becaus of technology


Killing The Distance

Invention of Internet, Computer and Other Communication Devices really killed the long distance


Faster Connectivity

Technology shrinking the world day by day. Technology helping people to connect each other very quickly


Dream Comes True

Because of Technology people have done impossible things come true & rapidly developing the world

About Me

Mithil Majumder

Mithil Majumder

Hello guys, I am Mithil Majumder. I am a Cyber Security Specialist | Penetration Tester | Reverse Engineer | Bug Bounty Hunter | Software Slipstreamer & Repacker

Professional Skills

I have mastered so many programming languages including Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Perl, PHP, CSS, HTML5 and other CLI based programming languages.

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